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What Is Expressive Arts Work?

Expressive arts facilitation combines psychology and the creative process to promote emotional growth and healing. This multimodal approach to therapy and counseling uses our innate ability to create - drawing, painting, physical movement, sound & music, writing or other artistic medium–- as a therapeutic tool to help initiate new perspectives and changes.

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Expressive arts therapy is a powerful means of discovery and

awareness of our inner landscapes where words or talk therapy fall short.


Expressive Arts Therapist and Licensed Professional Counselor Lori Landry Reeves works with individuals of all ages and groups that are seeking healing, personal growth and development, expansion and discovery, and alignment of emotional, physical and spiritual well-being.

Lori received a Master of Arts degree in Counseling Depth Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute, a certification in Expressive Arts Therapy from Sky Mountain Institute, and is registered as a Licensed Professional Counselor. She is also a certified yoga instructor and a contemporary artist.

Lori is supportive and passionate about combining connection, expression, and imagination on a journey with clients as they explore their creativity. Clients gain self-awareness, a deepened internal relationship, and the ability to trust their intuition working in a safe environment with Lori’s expressive arts tools and guidance.

Lori’s sessions are unique, as she weaves creative exercises and visualization into the process, and assists clients with the removal of blocks and barriers, and lights a path toward clarity and manifestation of goals and dreams.

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“I honor and hold sacred the process of depth work, and acknowledge that it takes courage and a willingness to grow for one to realize his or her authentic truth. Identifying, understanding and processing barriers allow us to journey from a 'stuck ' position to a place of joy, confidence and freedom. There is a power and wisdom within our spirit that can guide us to love ourselves and others and to live the life we desire.”


Gain more self-awareness, confidence and self acceptance

Learn to trust your intuition and the intuitive process

Express inner material in a non-judgmental, freely accepting, safe container, so that a deepening and insight can occur

Experience Self empowerment as you tap into your own inner wisdom

Tap into the mystery, personal meanings and symbolism of aspects of the Self and life experiences

Experience a freeing of self-expression

Bridge the unconscious and conscious mind 

Propel forward and break through barriers to allow more ease and flow




  • Grief, loss, change and transitions

  • Lack of insight, confidence & self awareness

  • Overwhelming stress, anxieties

  • Feeling stuck, confused, depressed

  • Seeking clarity about career and life path directions/goals

  • Lack of self-esteem, courage, creativity, spirit

  • Infertility, miscarriage, pregnancy, post-partum, motherhood

  • Mindful eating, Eating disorders


In addition to traditional talk therapy, expressive arts therapy, and sand tray therapy, Lori is also now scheduling in office neurofeedback training sessions by use of NeurOptimal® equipment that can be used as a stand alone tool or in conjunction with other therapies. NeuroOptimal® is a fully automated, FDA approved, feedback system with a universal nonlinear protocol and training for all brains that can be administered in office or in home.

What is neurofeedback therapy?

Neurofeedback addresses problems of brain dysregulation. These happen to be numerous and impactful. They include the anxiety-depression spectrum & stress, focus & attention deficits/ ADD/ADHD, behavior disorders, various sleep disorders, headaches and migraines, PMS, tinnitus, decision making, concussion rehabilitation, and emotional disturbances amongst others. Additionally, people seeking improvements in athletic, academic, peak performance, high blood pressure, healthy body weight and inflammation are also areas neurofeedback with NeurOptimal® can address. 

How many session will I need?

Each and every brain is unique, therefore, the number of training sessions varies from person to person. While some people may notice subtle shifts even after the first couple of sessions, it is more common to see significant changes ranging from session 8- 20 sessions. Some people may require less and some may require more.


Lori offers bundle pricing as brain training generally requires multiple sessions. 

Lori will soon be offering HEART MATH and Mindfulness training. HEART MATH is Physiological Coherence is an optimal state of mind/body balance beyond mere relaxation utilizing a biofeedback tool.

“The Renfrew Center of Texas was fortunate to have Lori as our experiential therapist before she moved to California. She was always so warm and present with the girls and women in our program for treatment of their eating disorders. The ability to get out of one’s head and into ones body cannot be underestimated in the treatment of eating disorders. It can be terrifying to even be asked to approach that goal. Lori was able to encourage and accept each individual where they were in their recovery journey. I truly admire her ability to make a space safe enough to do good therapy work through the creative and expressive process.”  

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