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Knowing 5 Hidden Signs of Teen Anxiety

Teen anxiety can sometimes be difficult to recognize, as teenagers may not always express their emotions openly. However, there are some hidden signs that may indicate that presence of anxiety in teens.

  1. Physical symptoms

Teens experiencing anxiety may exhibit various physical symptoms such as headaches, stomachaches, muscle tension, and fatigue. These symptoms can often be attributed to other factors, but if they persist or occur frequently without any apparent cause, they could be signs of underlying anxiety

2. Avoidance behavior

They may avoid social gatherings, school events, or even everyday activities that involve interacting with others. This avoidance can be a coping mechanism to reduce anxiety, but it can also hinder their personal growth and development.

3. Changes in sleep pattern

They may have difficulty falling asleep, experience frequent nightmares, or wake up multiple times during the night. On the other hand, some teens may oversleep as a way to escape or avoid anxiety-inducing situations.

4. Irritability + Mood swings

Anxiety can manifest as irritability, moodiness, or sudden mood swings in teenagers. They may become easily agitated, snap at others, or display heightened emotional sensitivity. These emotional changes can be a result of the constant worry and stress that anxiety brings.

5. Academic performance decline

They may struggle to complete assignments, experience difficultly in exams, or have a decline in grades. This decline in academic performance can be a reflection of the underlying anxiety affecting their cognitive abilities.

Get to know your teenager.

It’s important to notice anxiety signs in their initial stages to counter them through therapy as early as possible.


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