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Women often carry the weight of the world on their shoulders. I understand that women experience a wide range of concerns, from self-esteem and body image issues to relationship challenges, work-life balance, and the impact of societal pressures. I am here to provide a safe and non-judgmental space where we can explore these issues together.In my practice, I take an integrative and holistic approach to women's mental health. I believe that our mental and emotional well-being is interconnected with our physical health, relationships, and overall life satisfaction.

With a deep understanding of the societal and cultural factors that impact women's lives, I am committed to helping you navigate through these complexities and find your own voice. We will explore the root causes of your concerns, identify any limiting beliefs or thought patterns, and develop strategies to overcome obstacles and create positive change. 

If you are a woman seeking support and empowerment on your journey towards personal growth and self-acceptance, please don't hesitate to reach out to me. I am here to provide you with the guidance, tools, and encouragement you need to overcome challenges, embrace your strength, and create a life that reflects your true potential.


Christy Soileau Nicko is a Master of Social Work having received a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette in 2007 and a Master of Social Work degree from Louisiana State University in 2021. Christy has over 14 years of experience working with children and adolescents. She has completed internships with the Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office Juvenile Day Reporting Center, where she worked with adolescent males aged 10-16 who were completing their education in a more structured, alternative school environment. Christy also completed an internship at Hearts of Hope, where she facilitated individual and group counseling sessions for adult and child survivors of sexual assault and most recently completed an internship at the Family Tree where she conducted facilitated individual and family group sessions. Christy has also volunteered at Healing House where she worked with children between the ages of 4-12 who have experienced grief associated with the loss of a parent, sibling, or caregiver.

Christy is passionate about working with children and adolescents who have experienced trauma and utilizes proven therapeutic methods with clients. Treatment models utilized are Cognitive Processing Therapy, Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, as well as Play and Art Therapy. Christy was born and raised in Lafayette and is proud to call Lafayette home. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, yoga, gardening, and is a member of the Junior League of Lafayette. Christy believes that in order to take care of others we have to take care of ourselves. She is an advocate for self-care and self-acceptance.

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Welcome, you made it here! This is a wonderful first step in your path to healing. Most of us have experienced a range of life changing events, so I understand how hard it is to process and recover from these types of moments. The beauty about being human is that we have the ability to make changes to our lives in order to heal. I practice from a trauma-informed perspective and have experience in a variety of areas, but primarily, my focus is with men’s issues, mood/stress concerns, athleticperformance/recovery, and relationships. I am passionate about promoting healing to those facing adversity, unexpected outcomes, and injustice.


I approach counseling based on what my client needs and I adapt to what fits them best. As your therapist, you can expect to find a collaborative approach that is inviting, direct, personable, respectful, and empathetic.


We go through life in such unique ways so understanding you and your experience is my highest priority. Consider me someone you can develop a unique relationship with where you can be safe to be as emotionally expressive as you would like. Seize this opportunity and contact me today to take the next step!


“Teach me what it’s like to be you.” 


It can be frustrating when you feel like no one is listening to you, especially if you feel judged for what you’re experiencing. Here, you will find genuine acceptance and a safe space. I offer therapy through a client-centered lens, providing unconditional positive regard and empathy. It is my goal that together, you and I can process life’s struggles and can collaborate to discover strategies that will work best for you. 


It is important for me to mold myself for your specific needs and allow multiple ways of communication. I am interested in combining talk therapy with play therapy and creative arts interventions for children, adolescents, teens, and adults. I am also interested in working with the LGBTQ+ community and their concerns related to integrating identities, confidence and self-esteem, coming out, etc. I also have advanced training in group counseling and will be implementing psychoeducation and psychotherapy groups for the LGBTQ+ community. 


Lexi received a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Louisiana State University in 2020. She also holds a Master of Science in Counselor Education from the CACREP accredited University of Louisiana at Lafayette. Additionally, she has experience in Applied Behavior Analysis with Autism in children ranging from 4-17 years old. 


“We are all just walking each other home.” - Ram Dass 

Life can sometimes feel like a treacherous journey. There are unexpected twists, consisting of highs and lows. As a counselor, I want to walk with you on this path and be there with you on your peaks and in your valleys. Whether dealing with anxiety, depression, adjustment issues, or anything in between, I hope to help each client find a healthy balance that fits his or her lifestyle. I use an integrative approach to counseling to help better suit the needs of each client as the unique individual he or she is. 

My hope is to build a strong therapeutic alliance with my clients to help them grow and reach the goals they set out to accomplish. I am interested in combining traditional talk therapy with play therapy to serve children, adolescents, teens, adults, and the geriatric communities of Acadiana. I am interested in helping individuals overcome some of their anxiety and process ways to better cope with it. I have advanced training in Play Therapy and look forward to implementing groups for adolescents struggling with bullying and self-esteem in the future. 

Holli received a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from The University of Louisiana at Lafayette in 2018. She holds a Master of Science in Counselor Education from the CACREP accredited University of Louisiana at Lafayette.


Ben approaches counseling with a profound belief that a trusting relationship is the foundation for growth, healing and change. His priority is to create a safe and welcoming environment that supports personal growth through understanding, collaboration and meaningful goal-setting. 

As a counselor, his role is to provide his clients with a sense of safety and stability that fosters the development of a therapeutic relationship - one that encourages openness and authenticity. This relationship is built on mutual trust and respect. 

It is his hope that counseling provides his clients with what they need to live a fulfilling life, and one that is in alignment with their values. He believes that counseling can provide clients with the tools and insights necessary to navigate lif
e'schallenges and achieve personal growth and transformation.

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Seeley Massey,

As a dedicated and empathetic counselor, I am committed to facilitating positive change and personal growth in individuals and couples. My approach is rooted in the belief that every person possesses the resilience and strength to navigate life's challenges with support. With a degree in Psychology and experience working with diverse populations, I have honed my skills in providing a safe and non-judgmental space for clients to explore their thoughts and emotions. My therapeutic approach is integrative with a person-centered perspective, tailoring interventions to meet the unique needs of each individual.

I specialize in a wide range of issues such as trauma, stress management, anxiety, depression, relationship issues, etc. I aim to empower clients to develop coping strategies and enhance their overall well-being. I am passionate about fostering a collaborative therapeutic relationship that promotes personal insight and self-discovery.


I am deeply passionate about assisting individuals and couples in achieving the transformations they seek for a fulfilling a meaningful life. Within the counseling relationship, my goal is to guide you through the intricate challenges that life presents. Should you have any questions, please feel free to reach out- I look forward to working with you!

Intern Counseling Sessions are at a rate of $65/session. 

Sage Bowman,

Bio coming soon!

Intern Counseling Sessions are at a rate of $65/session

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